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Nose Creek Dental Centre is dedicated to providing a comfortable sedation dentistry in Airdrie at every appointment.

We understand that many of our patients are nervous, anxious, or fearful about receiving dental treatments for a variety of reasons, including negative past experiences. Our experienced dentists in Airdrie provide close monitoring to make sure you are comfortable and safe while under sedation dentistry.


Sedation Dentistry
IV Sedation Dentistry
IV sedation is a conscious sedation technique that can be used to achieve a level of sedation called “twilight,” when the patient is conscious but mostly unaware. The sedative is delivered through an IV and will leave a patient feeling very relaxed and mostly unaware of the procedure.

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Nitrous Oxide Dentistry
Nitrous oxide is delivered through a mask alongside oxygen. The gas works quickly, often making a patient feel relaxed and sleepy within minutes. Nitrous oxide sedation also leaves the patient’s system quickly after the mask is removed, which means patients can often drive themselves home after receiving it.

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Oral Sedation
To achieve oral sedation, our dental team will provide you with sedatives that can be taken orally before your appointment (we will provide you with details about when to take the pills). These types of sedatives help you arrive at your appointment feeling calm and relaxed.

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