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Take-home dental guards and appliances can help you protect your dental health between appointments.

Nose Creek Dental Centre uses advanced dental technology and works with a professional dental laboratory to provide you with fully custom dental appliances.


Dental Guards & Appliances

Night Guards

Many of our patients suffer from bruxism, a condition that causes the jaw to become overactive (usually at night). Patients grind their teeth, causing friction that can damage the teeth, soft tissues, and the jaw. Night guards are thin plastic sheaths that fit over the top arch and act as a barrier between the teeth to reduce friction caused by bruxism.

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Newly straightened teeth? We can help you keep them that way with custom retainers that are designed to fit your beautiful, straight arches perfectly. Retainers are worn every day for months or years, so it’s important that they’re made from durable material that holds up to wear and tear. Our retainers are designed in a professional dental laboratory so you need fewer replacements.

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Sports Mouth Guards

Many athletes, professional and amateur alike, choose to wear professionally designed sports mouth guards. These guards offer a more secure and comfortable fit for optimal impact absorption. Professional mouth guards can protect the teeth, soft tissues, jaw, face, and head, making them an extremely important piece of sporting equipment for nearly any type of athlete.

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TMJ/TMD Appliances

When the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in the jaw is injured or stiff, even something as simple as opening your mouth to speak or chew can hurt. Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) can be treated using dental splints, which keep the teeth separated and reduce pressure on the TMJ. If you have been experiencing unexplained jaw pain, earaches, or headaches, ask your dental care professionals at Nose Creek Dental Centre about TMD appliances.

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